We are a group of professionals that will take you to the Next Level of Growth. We work with Innovative Technology Startups.

Technology startups focused on B2B Enterprise Solutions in the areas of - innovation, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, cost reduction, top line growth and others.


TrueBridge is a growth focused firm working with technology startups in the areas of Enterprise Sales & Strategy, Partnerships & Alliances, Project Management & Operational Management, Investment & Funding, Mentoring & Training. We help technology startups accelerate growth in a structured, efficient and effective way.

As a Tech entrepreneur you and team have built an innovative and cutting edge technology solutions . Also you have acquired some clients through personal references and efforts from the founding team. However it`s time for you to change gears and get to the next level of growth. As the exisitng team is busy with the day to day operations there is a TrueBridge team which is working on scaling , streamlining operations and others.

Business Model

Our model means we are completely aligned with the technology startup and their target market with latest happening in the space . We research & track the technological landscape impacting businesses. We provide insight into the technological forces that can add value and competitive advantage to the technology startup.

Below is the typical process of a company entering and exiting our infrastructure. By remaining loyal to the Technology startup vertical, we are able to leverage the best practices, methodology and processes, as well as keep track of the latest advancements.


Assess the current level of the technology startup and define the growth plan


Based on the initial findings , recommend changes in approach to be implemented .


Work very closley with the team to ensure the successful implementation of the process


Actively work with the Startup and suggest changes


TrueBridge is a business builder with the mission of helping technology startups to accelerate growth through a structured, efficient and effective way.

With over 25years of technology startup experience with specialisation in Startup Sales , Project Management, Operation team will work with your internal management team to lay out a comprehensive approach on expansion.

Our team of experts will guide you through the journey to make your startup competent and also reach the next level in the growth journey.

We are fully focused on results and invest passion, experience and knowledge .


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